What is Glowing Gazelles All About?

Several years ago I created the term “Glowing Gazelles” when I was talking about training for my first 5K. Running a 5K was such a big goal of mine and something that I had my heart set on accomplishing for a while. As one might say, it was an item to cross off my “bucket list.” At the time, I was referring to the feeling of a “runner’s high” and how it made me happy and gave me the “speed of a gazelle.” And what I’ve come to find is that this applies with anything that makes you truly happy. You get this incredible energy and glow about yourself when you are talking about it or just living it in that moment.

In the end this site is just about finding what you love in life that makes you glow and to fill you with the energy/speed you need to keep up with it. I don’t want to define it as over time, it will define itself. And just like us, passions will and can change and as they occur Glowing Gazelles will take on those new passions.

So welcome to my personal, but public, blog of ramblings and sharing about anything that is making me happy in life. I hope that through reading what I write you might find a bit of extra happiness or even motivation to seek out what makes you truly feel like your own Glowing Gazelle!

Thank you for stopping by Glowing Gazelles! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Glowing Gazelles is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.


  1. James Amick says

    from dad….you’re a great insightful writer just like your grandpa….right on the mark…you have to give yourself time so you can better give of yourself to others…got to make sure you get those green pastures and still waters…love dad whose looking forward to that green pasture retirement that will give me a different way to minister to others the way I want and when I want to…what great fun that will be…keep up the good work in all ways serenely…love dad

    • The Glowing Gazelle says

      You always know just what to say to make me smile and feel special. Thanks, Dad! :)

      I’m looking forward to your retirement, as well! I know you’ll find your own way of ministering that will make so many people feel wonderful and will be life-changing for them. Counting down the days!


  2. says

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    Keep it up

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