Family Time: Meals Across the Miles through Crockpot Cooking

Back in August, my daughter and I were in the kitchen assembling a meal in our crockpot. We had so much fun hanging out together that I had the thought that maybe we’d make it a weekly thing. But later that same day, I had this notion that maybe I could convince my Mother and two sisters to join us. What if…we all made the same recipe on the same day? It would be kind of like having dinner together across the miles.

And this is how it started. Our family crockpot meal night. Each of us picked one week in September and one recipe of our choice and each Monday we’d all have dinner “together,” despite being in Illinois, Iowa and Virginia!  I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this was to do! We would chat on Facebook about how the meal tasted, how the aromas filled our houses and how we’d change things to improve each recipe.

When October rolled around, we wanted to keep up the mealtime together but decided we’d pick just one week each month since the holidays were approaching and schedules were getting a little busier. I am completely looking forward to that week and I know that they are, too.

I just wanted to share this new little tradition we had started within our own family as I thought you might want to start something similar with yours. Just because your families may be far away that doesn’t mean that you can’t have dinner “together.”

I hope you have fun if you try it!

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    • The Glowing Gazelle says

      Thank you so much, Lora! It really is a fun time. Such a great way to feel like you are having dinner together, when apart! :)


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