How to Make Hot Chocolate Cones

For the last few years on Coupon Geek, I’ve mentioned how you can make Hot Chocolate Cones as an idea for party favors during the holidays or as part of a mug gift set, etc. Several of my readers have asked for step-by-step pictures so I thought I’d share it here.

First, you must decide if you are going to make your own Hot Chocolate Mix or buy the individual packets. You can sometimes get the boxed individual packets on a deal if you watch for sales. If you want to make a homemade version, my friend Jenn has a Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe on her site.

The supplies you’ll need for these are:

~Cone-Shaped Cellophane Bags
~Hot Chocolate Mix
~Mini Chocolate Chips
~Small Marshmallows
~Red Candies – I used Red M&Ms
~Twist Tie, Pipe Cleaner, Small Rubber Band, etc.

The first thing you do is pour your hot chocolate mix into the cellophane bag. (Now, if you want to keep the mix separate, you could tie off the bag and put it into another cellophane bag. I decided not to waste extra bags and just put all mine together.)

Next, add a layer of mini chocolate chips. Basically you add just enough to cover the hot chocolate mix so you can’t see that layer.

Then add a few small marshmallows.

Top with your red candy, twist the cellophane bag and tie it off with your twist tie/pipe cleaner/rubber band. Just make sure that it’s sealed tight. You may want to tie it off with a small rubber band and then add the pipe cleaner for the extra touch so that it’s extra secure and pretty!

The hardest part of this project is finding the cellophane bags. Some craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby, may carry them. But if you have a hard time finding them, you could try using something like a Wilton Decorating Bag. This is what I used for mine *but* the bag did have some symbols on it. (as you can see in the picture of supplies needed.) At the top was a Wilton symbol, which ended up being cut off when I trimmed the cones. But there’s also a recyclable symbol on the back side. You could always cover that with a sticker or with a label with instructions such as, “Add mix to 6 oz. of hot milk/water.” You might get lucky and find some Cone Shaped Clear Bags that might work, too.

These are fairly easy to make. You could use them for to add to a mug gift set:

To have a fun hot chocolate party with the kids:

Or just by themselves for a party favor or gift for your kid’s classmates, etc:

I hope that you enjoy them if you try to make them!

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  1. Tiffany says

    Hi! I was wondering how many individual packets did you put in each cone to fill it? I was playing with my Swiss Miss individual packet, and I wasn’t sure if one packet per cone would do the job. Thank you so much for your tip!

    • The Glowing Gazelle says

      I believe I just used one packet per cone. I just trimmed the cone wrapper when I was done so it looked better.


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