Giveaway: $10 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card – 4 Winners!


Earlier in the week I mentioned the importance of water to our bodies. While most of us understand this importance, it can still be hard to try to figure out how to get water into our daily routine. I am going to share a few additional ways with you later this week but here is just one of the ways I’ve found to get more water into my day and that’s having a great water cup on hand.

I’ve tried several different cups to carry with me around the house or when I’m working and I keep going back to the ones made by Tervis. I love all the various designs that they have to choose from and I like that you can even switch out the lid and straws to other colors. It’s a great way to change up one water cup for a few different looks. I’ve found that the ease of drinking through the straw also helps me drink more water in one sitting.


My favorite cup so far? It would have to be the one that looks like a goldfish tank. I’ve received so many compliments on it. I often joke that if the fish begin to look like they are swimming then I know I’ve been online too much. :)

One of the stores that carries quite a nice selection of the Tervis cups is Bed Bath & Beyond. What I love about their store, too, is that they often offer a coupon for $$ off a certain amount spent or for a % off a single item purchase. If you sign-up for their newsletter and/or get on their mailing list you should receive those coupons quite frequently. And pairing one of their coupons with a $10 gift card, if you win one, should get you one of those Tervis cups for nearly free.

I’m hoping that you’ll take a minute to try to win this giveaway so that you can buy your very own cup that shows off your style and helps you get more water into your day.


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  1. Glenna says

    Somehow I always remember to have water for my kid, so this helps remind me to drink water too!

  2. Margaret P. says

    I keep my Tervis UNC cup (Go Heels!) filled up with water & ice..I realize I drink more water if it’s cold!

  3. Samantha says

    It’s hard for me to get enough plain water during the day, so I am in the habit of adding a few drops of lime juice to my glass – it’s refreshing.

  4. Stefanie says

    I try to get more water into my routine by always having a water bottle with me at work. I can fill it up in the morning, and sip on it throughout the day.

  5. Samantha A says

    My work graciously provides us with reusable water bottles every quarter. They give us two one for home and one for work. I have accumulated so many over the years I never have to worry about leaving one at work or home so having so many water bottles around I cant help but be reminded of my daily intake of water.

  6. Cynthia says

    I have a Bubba Keg 34 oz cup that I take with me everywhere. It will keep your water cold for hours even in the hot Arizona sun.

  7. curls says

    As soon as I get to work, I put fresh water in my water glass and make sure to fill it a couple times during my workday.

  8. Candice says

    I have never really had a problem drinking enough water. I love it so much. I do try to make sure I always have a bottle with me though.

  9. Sherri says

    I always use some type of insulated cup. I’m not sure why but that is the only way. I can’t just drink out of the plastic bottle.

  10. Vicki N says

    Freeze some fruit in the ice cube trays (along with water) to add to water for some flavor. This helps myself and children drink water.

  11. Melissa A. says

    I always keep cold water in the fridge. It definitely seems more appealing that way.

  12. says

    Before my mom passed, and before being diagnosed with a rare brain an spinal disease which leaves me often dehydrated, I remember tips my mom gave me. She thought water purified the body of all disease an toxins. I often have two separate water bottles. One with morning hours, that I should have finished by noon, the other noted from noon to night so I have my full 8 glasses (or more) by night time. I always keep them at the top of the fridge where the are the coldest and If I’m not in the mood for water and want something sweet, I add a sprinkle of a crystal lite or mio to a water bottle and carry it in my purse. Water helps your skin, hair, and body more than people realize and these tips should always be remembered to keep you healthy and keep your lips kissable and your hair silky, and of course, your body hydrated at all times!!!

  13. Pam says

    I use packets of flavoring with 0-5 calories to add pizzazz to my water in my resuseable bottle that I carry everywhere with me. I also add lemon to my water to add nutrition and flavor to my water and help me be more motivated to drink more water.

  14. Karen f says

    I try to always have a water bottle in my car so I can drink while I am at red lights.

  15. Kandy says

    I refill an old juice bottle with water , and make sur I have drank it all during the day.

  16. Elisa says

    I carry a Brita filtering water bottle with me wherever I go. It can be refilled from any tap, so there is no excuse if I run out.

  17. Janine says

    I keep my 24oz Contigno bottle with me whenever possible which helps me drink water when thirsty, bored or hungry,

  18. Elizabeth C. says

    I have a few different Mio water enhancers at my desk at work, so I can flavor up my waters!

  19. Diane says

    I refill my water cup after every visit to the rest room at work and the same at home. What goes in must come out and I drink more that way. Plus gets me up and away from the computer for a little exercise.

  20. Carol says

    Our family often goes in outtings and we leave the bourse for hours at a time. I always bring water and if we get Thursday we have to drink the water. In addition, I take healthy snacks for the kids, whenever they get hungry they have no choice but to munch on fruit or granola bars.

  21. Sue L says

    I always try to grab a glass of ice water to sip whenever I sit down to watch TV or work on the computer. I also grab a cup to take in the car with me.

  22. says

    Keeping a water bottle nearby helps remind me to drink drink drink!!
    I also cut back on soda, def makes my body feel better!

  23. joslyn says

    I bring a 32oz water bottle to work and make sure I drink two refills before I go home

  24. Steffanie says

    I keep purified, chilled water in the fridge and always have a drink when I open the door. Sometimes, I don’t even realize I’m thirsty until I start drinking, then guzzling!

  25. Tracy Harper says

    I always order water when we dine out. It’s cheaper than ordering restaurant beverages and helps me increase my water intake.

  26. Marcia says

    I love my drink glass. I fill it up with ice and water and no water sweating on the table or desk. I am an email subscriber.

  27. Lee Bell says

    I have water bottles all over the place, in the car, every room of the house, in my bag there is always water available but not always something to put it in.

  28. Sue says

    I keep a large water glass filled in the kitchen all day. It has a very large Happy Face on it.

  29. Danelle B says

    I carry water with me everywhere I go and I love using Crystal Light or similar item as it gives you that flavor you are looking for and I forget sometimes that I am drinking water so I end up drinking more than my daily limit which is good.

  30. l bryant says

    I get the enewsletter. Love the small and Big things i learn everyday!!! Thanks!!!
    I have to keep the kids from taking my water bottle. I love the goldfish. No doubt the boys would not take that one.

  31. Wendy T. says

    I try to either keep chilled water for the spring/summer or hot water for the fall/winter.

  32. Dave says

    I try to carry awater bottle with me, especially in the car…I find that if its there, I will drink it

  33. Patty says

    I drink alot of water and hardly ever soda, so I try to live a healthy life. I exercise and love your facebook page. Very helpful and refreshing.

  34. Cathy says

    I started keeping a water bottle on my desk, even though it’s upstairs away from the kitchen. It helps me to keep drinking while I’m working at home. Thank you for the giveaway!

  35. karla says

    In order to get more water intake, I buy a couple gallons of water at the store and bring them to work. I don’t like the water from the fountains so that’s why I do this. By having the gallons in my cube at work, water is easily accessible when I feel thirsty or when it’s lunch time.

  36. Linda B says

    I try to make sure to carry a water bottle or reusable insulated cup with me everywhere. I also have extra water bottle stashed everywhere.

  37. Nancy C. says

    I teach two classes back to back, so I always make certain to take my Ball jar with its glass straw with me. By the end of the two classes, I’ve drunk at least 1 1/2 jars of water.

  38. Liz I. says

    I bought a fun pink water bottle that has markings on it to keep track of how many bottles I drink a day.

  39. says

    I keep a water bottle at my desk that I can refill, and I’ve also started brewing more tea so that I can drink water at home – as I don’t like the taste of our home tap water.

  40. Laura says

    My trick for water is to place 8 pennies by the faucet and everytime I drink a glass I take away a penny-when all 8 are gone I’ve drank 64oz of water daily.

  41. JENNIFER says

    I bring my water bottle with me everywhere. It forces me to drink all day. You can never have too much water :)

  42. Heather says

    I try to fill up a tall water glass each morning after breakfast and the goal is for it to be empty before lunch.

  43. says

    Making sure my 3yr old little girl drinks water throughout
    The day helps me to drink water more often also .. Gotta
    Remember to “practice what we preach” :-)

  44. Brandy Korzep says

    I carry my brita bottle with me that way i can refill anywhere and have good water

  45. Sally W. says

    I freeze a bottle of water at night, than take it out when I get up, and take it to work with me. It slowly defrosts during the day, so the water stays cool.

  46. Susan Wisniewski says

    I try to drink a glass every time I go to rest room along with always having a water bottle in the car!

  47. says

    Take a travel mug filled with water with you wherever you go, and cut out other liquids. My kids only drink water and milk. I drink water all day with the exception of my one cup of coffee:)

  48. patsy says

    Filling my big water bottle is always the first thing I do when i go to the kitchen in the morning.

  49. chantal cooper says

    I carry a water bottle with me at all times

    chantal cooper
    chantalgiardina (at) yahoo (dot) com

  50. Camiele says

    I drink water with all my meals and have a big water bottle sitting at my desk that I sip on all day long.