Brainstorming Solutions to Stresses: Laundry


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Laundry….Yuck. That’s how I normally feel about it. It seems like just when I get caught up another two baskets has popped up overnight like it’s breeding while I sleep. When my laundry baskets are nearly empty I can almost feel myself walking lighter and feeling a bit carefree. That usually lasts all of….two seconds it seems.

And oh how painful it is when I get behind on laundry. For whatever reason getting the laundry washed and dried is a piece of cake but getting it folded and put away in the correct bedroom is the task that always trips me up. So I often find myself playing a game of laundry hide-and-seek such as where are the pajama bottoms to go along with the pajama top so I can simply get the kids to bed. I know there are several pairs clean but matching them up feels about as simple as winning the lottery. And I have to admit, when I do find the matching pair, I do kind of feel a big win victory!

I also notice that when I get behind on laundry it affects so many other areas of my day. Getting the kids ready takes twice as long. Dishes sometimes are delayed because there are no clean dish cloths. And my meal plan is sometimes altered when I am daunted by the task of climbing over and rearranging several laundry baskets just to get to my deep freezer or pantry cabinets. Since this is a big stresser for me, it’s the one I wanted to try to tackle first. So here are the ideas that I brainstormed for this one:


~As soon as I am showered and dressed, I’ll collect hangers and any clothes from the hampers and start the first load of the day. This load will then make it to the dryer when I return from dropping the kids off from school. One load almost done!

~I am implementing a new rule of no laundry is to be started if it can’t be completed–this means through the entire process of putting them away. No more mornings waking up to the forgotten laundry still in the washer!

~All the same, I am going to work it into my nightly routine to double-check the washer before I go to bed to make sure no clothes are left behind!

~Have a designated day for the bulk of the laundry with catch-up days once or twice a week. This will eliminate the feeling of the never-ending laundry.

~Have each family member go through closets to make sure there is enough space to hold all their clothes. If it doesn’t all fit, something must be donated. No more fighting to cram clothes into closets!!

~Invest in Label Dividers for closets so others can help hang up clean clothes. No more excuses of, “I can’t help because I don’t know where it goes!”

~Invest in an extra Sorting Hamper to make it easier for everyone to sort their own clothes.

~Set one day a week for linens and bedding to be washed. This will not only help reduce germs and dust mites, etc. but it will also be a night to look forward to clean sheets at the end of the day.

~Never rely on my memory for remembering to switch clothes into next cycle. Set timer when dryer should be finished.

~Set a daily cut-off time for laundry. No laundry washed past that hour. This will eliminate the struggle for completing the load of laundry…..and failing.

~Get the family in the habit of putting hangers on the side of the hamper so it’s easier to collect them.

~Designating a bag for socks looking for mates and another one for clothes that are too small and should be donated. (Those always seem to make their way right back into the closets!)

~Get the family involved by: having the kids help with transferring clothes into dryer with assistance, sorting clothes, matching socks and/or helping gather dirty clothes from around the house.

~Extra Bonuses: Hang up the kids clothes by an outfit so the morning routine will be easier. Also, when putting away linens, put the sheets inside the pillow case to make it easier when it’s time to find a new set.

These are just a few of the changes that I think will help keep me on top of the laundry instead of feeling buried by it.

Do any of you have any other tips? What things have helped you keep up on your laundry?

Stay tuned for another day of brainstorming tomorrow on another “stresser.”

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